The streams and lakes surrounding Tanglewood Cabins are filled with beautiful mouthwatering fish, including trout, bass, bream, catfish and many other colorful species. Fishing in North Georgia is great year-round however, the best season is from late autumn to early winter. Whether you’re fishing the local streams or the lakes of Unicoi State Park, there’s plenty of opportunity to cast a line and make a catch. Maps of all the trout streams in the area are available from our office.

Just a mile away you can enjoy the beautiful Unicoi State Park and there 53 acre lake for picnics, swimming, canoeing, paddle boating, fishing, 12 miles of different hiking trails, world class mountain bike trails and the breathtaking Anna Ruby Falls.
Location: 1788 GA-356, Helen, GA
Phone: 706-878-2201
If you want to pay per pound, we can send you to Riverside Trout Pond, guaranteed to catch a fish,
Location: 305 Riverside Trout Farm Rd, Clarkesville, GA
Phone: 706-947-3364
You can get all your fishing info here! Our area is in White County, our surrounding counties are Habersham, Union, & Towns. Georgia`s current “Sport Fishing Regulations” booklets are available at the Helen Welcome Center.
Location: Helen, GA
Get your fishing license from Betty`s Grocery Store in Helen!
Location: Betty’s IGA Grocery Store, Helen
Phone: 706-878-2943
Moccasin Creek State Park is only 21 miles from Tanglewood, go and enjoy having a picnic, viewing the falls and getting wet sliding down the slipper rocks of falls.
Location: 3655 Georgia Hwy 197, Clarkesville, GA
Phone: 706-947-3194
Location: 7280 S Main St, Helen, GA
Phone: 706-878-3083